Carla Romine purchased the Texas Hoedown in August of 2022. Owning the Texas Hoedown is an opportunity to marry her love for dance with her love for planning and hosting events. The Texas Hoedown holds a special place in her heart, as it was the first organized competition she ever attended—before it was part of the ACDA circuit. She has been close to Jerry and Virginia Rainey, the previous owners of the Texas Hoedown, since that time—often referred to by them as their “adopted daughter.” Bobby Pritchard and Judi Caudle are her co-directors.

Bobby and Carla have many years of competition experience. They began their dance partnership in February 2014. Together they have won numerous UCWDC event titles and five UCWDC Worlds titles (2017-2022) with the most recent four titles in the Crown division (one of the top divisions for couples 40+). They retired their dance partnership in January 2022.

More about Bobby

Bobby has taught Country and Western and West Coast Swing dancing for 30 years, teaching both social and competitive dancers. Bobby has been competing for a total of 35 years with various partners and as a Pro with his students on the UCWDC and ACDA circuits.

After 25 years working in Information Technology, Bobby quit his “day” job in May of 2022 to be a full-time dance instructor at Studio 22 in Dallas, Texas.

More about Carla

Carla has danced competitively off and on for more than 20 years. She began with a different partner, and then danced as an amateur in the Pro Am divisions through early 20’s. She took a seven-year break from the UCWDC competition circuit until she reunited with Bobby in 2014. For part of her seven-year break, she competed on the West Coast Swing circuit.

Carla has been working in Human Resources for over 25 years and currently works for a municipality in the DFW metroplex.

More about Judi

Judi competed for several years on the ACDA, UCWDC, and Ballroom circuits. She is an ADCA National Champion and a four-time UCWDC champion. She is currently certified to judge on the ACDA circuit. She and her husband, Chris, are retired Audiologists and have three sons and four grandchildren. She is grateful that her love of dance has allowed her to cultivate many loving and long-lasting friendships in the dance community.

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